Charity Chair

  • Charlene Blake

Charlene is responsible for the day to day running of thecahrity and ensuring that the goals of the charity are kept to

charlene.blake [@] rarecareuk.org

Family Liason

  • Sue HarrisSue talks to familys who are affected by a Rare Disease.

    sue.harris [@] rarecareuk.org

Charity Liason


  • Simeon Cohen

DofE coordination

  • Honi Pein

Honi recruits Duke of Edinburgh voluntees and coordinates their work with RareCareUK and volunteers at fundrasing events

honi.pein[@] rarecareuk.org

Website design

  • Beatrice Avanzato

Beatrice.Avanzato[@] rarecareuk.org

and Saskia Zandstra

Saskia.Zandstra [@] rarecareuk.org

look after the RareCare UK website and volunteer at fundrasing events

Euroscicon Staff working at Rare Care

Public Relations

  • Ilana Spilka

Ilana.Spilka [@] euroscicon.com




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