RareCareUK founder meets with Cambridge Professor Timothy Cox

Shara Cohen and Timothy Cox

RareCareUK founder meets with Cambridge Professor Timothy Cox

At the end of July Dr Shara Cohen, the founder of RareCareUK met with Professor Timothy Cox to discuss launching RareCareUK

Professor Cox has a long-standing research interest in the rare diseases.

His laboratory is currently developing gene therapy for serious neurodegenerative disorders, including Tay-Sachs and Sandhoff diseases and plays a major role in researching the causes of, and developing treatments for, Krabbes disease and Gaucher disease.

In addition Professor Cox, and his group in Cambridge have well-established links with charities and Government-sponsored bodies, which can help bring laboratory work to patients who need to benefit from the research.

Dr Shara Cohen said “We hope that RareCareUK will have a long and rewarding relationship with Professor Cox and thank him for his time, ongoing support and, most of all his enthusiasm for what we are hoping to achieve”


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