RareCareUK, Euroscicon, and Cancer Care Parcel in Partnership

RareCareUK, Euroscicon, and Cancer Care Parcel in Partnership

Yesterday Euroscicon Ltd facilitated a partnership between RareCareUK  and Cancer Care Parcel.

Rare Care UK is a newly formed initiative to supply care for Rare Diseases when it can’t be found through standard channels.

The Charity Chair – Charlene Blake met with staff at Cancer Care Parcel yesterday to set up a collaboration which will enable Rare Care UK to reach its aims much quicker.

Jane Geiger and Karolina Dabrowska from Cancer Care Parcel are working hard with their founder Shara Cohen to officially launch Cancer Care Parcel and pledged to give a large proportion of profit to RareCare UK

Dr Shara Cohen from Euroscicon Ltd who initiated this meeting (and is a trustee for RareCareUK and founder of Cancer Care Parcel) said “I am very excited about this new partnership which brings together two initiatives that are very close to me”

Cancer Care Parcel provides a monthly package of comfort, treats and practical items to help people through their cancer journey

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