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Author: Dr Shara Cohen

RareCareUK, Euroscicon, and Cancer Care Parcel in Partnership

Yesterday Euroscicon Ltd facilitated a partnership between RareCareUK  and Cancer Care Parcel. Rare Care UK is a newly formed initiative to supply care for Rare Diseases when it can’t be found through standard channels. The Charity Chair – Charlene Blake met with staff at Cancer Care Parcel yesterday to set up a collaboration which will enable Rare Care UK to reach its aims much quicker. Jan...

Rare Care UK Cinema day

Rare Care website team has created a forum which will be launching in July

Three volunteers, Saskia Zandstra, Honi Pein and Beatrice Avanzato met in March to redesign the Rare Care UK website. Together, they started to develop the website and added a forum in which people suffering with rare diseases will be able to communicate with each other, providing support and advice. “We expect the forum to be up and running by July. It should provide a secure area where peo...

Rare Care UK – Inaugral commitee meeting

Rare care UK was officially established on the 17th Nov when the first commitee meeting took place in a cafe in Whetsone, London. Founding members present were Dr Shara Cohen – Charity founder and trustee Charlene Blake – Charity chair Sue Harris – Family Liasion Honi Pein – DOE coordinator Apologies from Linda Bryant- charity trustee The initial emphasis on the meeting was...

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